Distributed Systems and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Starting January 18, 2022, I will be teaching a course on Distributed Systems and Critical Infrastructure protection. Joe Weiss will be a guest speaker and provide feedback on class projects. Joe Weiss and I hope to use the course to improve the state of critical infrastructure protection. The course will be available asynchronously online.

Joe Weiss publishes a blog where he weighs in on cybersecurity, science and technology, and emerging security threats. On Sunday, January 2, 2022, Joe Weiss published: A vulnerability worse than Log4j (and it can blow up facilities and shut down the grid). In this post, he notes that “More than 3,000 smart instruments in a petrochemical facility were found to have no passwords, even by default. You simply plug in your HART communicator and change whatever you want.┬áThese changes can blow up refineries, burst pipelines, release toxic chemicals, take over electric transformers, etc.