Call for Papers on Emergency Management – TIEMS Annual Conference

Meeting Site for Annual Conference

The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) is holding its 2022 International Conference on Emergency Management at Kennesaw State University in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, October 17-21, 2022. Please consider submitting a paper. We are looking for academic papers/presentations as well as practitioner papers/presentations. The Conference will be a hybrid conference so you can present even if you attend virtually. We, however, encourage you to attend in person.

Marietta is very pleasant in October with an average high temperature of 73°F (23°C) and an average low temperature of 48°F (9°C).

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience North America Conference

New Orleans, USA

April 6-8, 2022

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience North
America will bring together leading stakeholders from
industry, operators, agencies and governments to debate
and collaborate on securing America’s critical infrastructure.
Leading the debate for securing America’s critical infrastructure

Register online at

The conference features many, distinguished speakers in this arena. For a list of speakers see

Helping Ukraine

Right now the best thing that private citizens can do to help Ukraine is to donate money to organizations that address the humanitarian needs of the Ukrainian population and to put pressure on their governments to support Ukraine as much as possible. Some good organizations to support are CARE, RedCross-RedCrescent, the UN Refugee Agency, and UNICEF. There are also other organizations that deserve support. It is important to support these organizations NOW.

Of course, there is a strong desire to send weapons, but since most of us are novices at that, the best thing is to ask our governments to send weapons and whatever other support that they can send as soon as possible. We must help Ukraine deal with this atrocity NOW.

Art Auction

I am the President of the US chapter of TIEMS, an international organization that provides a platform for all stakeholders within the global emergency and disaster management community to meet, network, and learn about best practices, as well as new technical and operational methodologies. TIEMS-USA is proud to be the USA Chapter of TIEMS. You can learn more about us and our parent organization at

In 2022, TIEMS-USA is responsible for hosting the Annual Conference for TIEMS. This meeting will bring together interested parties from all over the globe. To help us fund this conference we are sponsoring a benefit virtual art auction now live.  This auction features works by well-known artists at affordable prices. Please visit the auction site and our website to subscribe to our newsletter, and please share information about the art auction with your network.

Seminar: “Lanchester’s Equations and Drone Warfare”

On Monday, January 31, 2022, at 10 AM Central Standard Time, I will be giving the above-named seminar. The seminar will be available via Zoom at no charge using the link (passcode: 1234). Please note the passcode. Below is the abstract for this talk.


In his classic book Aircraft in Warfare, F. W. Lanchester discussed different types of warfare and presented equations, called the Lanchester equations, that can be used to model the results of battles between two forces of different sizes or capabilities. This paper introduces the Lanchester equations and provides a theoretical discussion leading to an analysis of the relative value of increasing the effectiveness of military assets vs. increasing the quantity of those assets. In particular, these equations show that increasing the effectiveness of the assets contributes only linearly to the power of a combatant, but increasing the quantity contributes quadratically. We will show how to model these equations in Python and show how to visualize the effect of force concentration. The talk concludes with a discussion of the relevance of Lanchester’s equations to cyberwarfare, specifically to drone warfare and DDoS attacks. More generally, we provide a foundation for analyzing the tradeoff between quality and quantity in warfare and show how to understand this tradeoff in economic terms. These equations are especially relevant given the increasing use of drones in warfare.