Python and COS 125 Introduction to Problem Solving Using Computer Programming

Most of the course specific material such as Homework Assignments, Syllabus and other details are available on Blackboard. Of more interest to most people would be some of the books that we have been using. Both of the books below are free PDF files that you can download by clicking on the links. I will be revising the course extensively over the summer of 2012 and will have more material available here in Fall 2012.

  1. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python 2.x (PDF) by Al Sweigart, edited by George Markowsky. I merged the First Edition (based on Python 2.x) and the Second Edition (based on Python 3.x) into a single version that works for Python 2.x. The main reason for doing this is that Pygame does not work for Mac Python 3.x. This book provides an introduction to Python and writing games. It does not use object oriented programming and I don’t like its programming style. Nevertheless, there is much of value in it.
  2. Think Python (PDF) by Allen Downey. This is a concise textbook on Python that covers many features not covered by the Sweigart book. It contains some interesting exercises.