Economic Development Activities

 Appointed by Governor to Maine Science and Technology Advisory Board (2005-2006)

 Member of “Faculty Five” (1995-2000): The Faculty Five was a grassroots group that lobbied for and got greater state support for research. Our activities caused us to receive the first Harris Award for contributions made to the University of Maine. Please click here for more details.

Member of the Statewide Business Innovation Committee (1997-98): This committee, established by the Maine Science and Technology Foundation to advise the state of Maine on economic development, recommended the creation of the Maine Technology Institute, a funding organization for business research (

Founding President of the Maine Software Developers Association (MeSDA) (1992-1998): MeSDA has now changed its name to TechMaine. Please click here for more details.

 Founder and Owner of Multiple Businesses (1994- …):  These are described at and also at