The Problem of Interceptor Top-Level Domains

Misdirected communication has obvious security and privacy ramifications and is an age-old problem that predates the Internet. In recent years it has been exacerbated by the arrival of electronic communication and the multitude of ways that communication can be misdirected. A new chapter in this age-old problem is being written with the proliferation of top-level domains (TLDs). This paper examines this problem in more detail and provides a full analysis of the current set of TLDs. In particular, we are concerned with TLDs that have a non-trivial probability of intercepting traffic intended for another domain. Intercepting TLDs have the potential of intercepting a lot of traffic since typically a TLD supports many domain names.

We have included the full text of my most recent paper on this subject:

Markowsky Interceptor Top-Level Domains Paper

Here is our latest report showing the potential interference among the TLDs:

May 29, 2021 Interceptor Top-Level Domains Report